There are many reasons why each year more and more tourists choose one of the places in Crikvenica-Novi Vinodolski Riviera for its final destination to spend a pleasant summer vacation. Throughout its long and successful tradition in tourism, Crikvenica-Novi Vinodolski Riviera joined its natural and historical values in a unique way.

Natural beauties, diverse and rich offer of accommodation and entertainment for all ages and all tastes, makes Crikvenica Riviera ideal for modern Robinsons that gladly spend their free time in movement and exploration, as well as all those who simply want to enjoy the sea and the sun, and local gastronomy. An irresistible mix of coastline and wooded hills that steeply dive into the sea is suitable both for the usual summer sea joy, and to enjoy long walks along the coast or cycling tours to the hinterland. Novi Vinodolski and Crikvenica are regional centers and destinations with a long tradition, and together with the surrounding area are an ideal location for anyone who wants a memorable holiday.

Riviera Crikvenica

The tourist tradition of Crikvenica Riviera dates two centuries ago and takes us back in time when the first villas and hotels for the aristocracy were built in the area, and the first public beach in Crikvenica was built nearly 130 years ago.

Sandy and pebble beaches that stretch along the Riviera of Crikvenica are almost 8 km long and interconnected by a walkway that is covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

As soon as the night falls, the children’s laughter and the murmur on the beaches are replaced with live music and entertainment for all ages. As in a natural sequence, Crikvenica is continued with smaller picturesque places Jadranovo, Selce and Dramalj. Each is different and has a distinct charm and beauty that makes them the right choice for a pleasant and unburdened vacation.

Once small fishing villages, over time were changed into interesting destinations that each season attract more and more tourists who want to enjoy the untouched nature, clean sea and rich cultural and entertainment offer.

Riviera Novi Vinodolski

Few places boast rich cultural and historical heritage and natural beauty of the coast and the hinterland, which are successfully combined in the charming and seductive whole. These are the most recognizable features of the whole Vinodol Riviera and its center – Novi Vinodolski.

Today’s Novi Vinodolski was created by the gradual expansion of the old Frankopan fortress from the top of the hill lower towards the coast. Frankopan castle from the 13th century rises proudly in the center of the city and is a living witness of the ancient and turbulent history of this region. The Code of Vinodol (Vinodolski zakonik), which is the oldest Croatian written legal document, is written at this point yet at 1288. Clear sea, wooded and fertile hinterland and clean air which is a beneficial mix of sea and mountains, the first tourists recognized as early as 1878 when Novi Vinodolski became one of the earliest tourist destinations in the Kvarner region.

The mild Mediterranean climate, indented coastline and numerous interconnected beaches, a wealth of supporting facilities and good traffic connections are just a few of reasons why the Vinodol area has always been attractive to tourists. Friendly hosts quickly and successfully adapt to challenging times and new tourism trends, never neglecting traditions and customs of their place, yet jealously preserving it from oblivion. Nearby places like Klenovica, Smokvica, and Povile, with its simple and romantic coastal charm, enrich the tourism offer and round out the story of the Vinodol Riviera as an ideal holiday site for all generations. No less interesting is the fertile valley in the hinterland, where grapes were grown and wine produced since ancient Roman times. Want to find out what the entire area looks like from the bird’s eye view, then visit one of six lookouts in the hinterland. Panoramic view of the entire Riviera fascinates with its beauty and leaves no one indifferent.


Excursions & Rent A Boat Novi Vinodolski emphasizes from its offer the daily excursion by motor boat San Marino to Vrbnik, placed on an inclined rocky cliff 50 meters above the sea. After the sightseeing, visit one of many taverns and experience the magic of blending the Mediterranean cuisine and superb wine Vrbnička žlahtina.

For everyone who wants to see and explore each mysterious beach and the bay of the Vinodol riviera, but also to acquire a better knowledge of nearby islands and their history and culture, we offer a daily boat excursion to the nearest islands of Krk, Goli Otok, and Sv. Grgur.

Some places look quite ordinary when approach by the land. Therefore, their harmonious beauty when approached by the sea is surprising. If you also want to experience that, then choose panoramic night boat trip from our offer. When you see Novi Vinodolski, Povile and Klenovica illuminated by the stars reflected on the sea, maybe it will awaken somewhere long-forgotten romantic in you.

What do you need to take with you? A good will. We will take care of the beautiful moments, which we believe, you will always happily remember.